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The Wood Story by The Woodjoint

Timber and wood are living things and need to be understood and nurtured for them to provide beautiful, functional, practical and long lasting pieces of joinery and furniture.

The Woodjoint understands each species of timber has it’s own set of characteristics. Colour, grain, oil content, hardness and durability; Because of this different timbers are suited to different uses.

Timbers such as Teak, Jarrah and Celery Top Pine can be used for indoor pieces, but it is as outdoor items that they truly excel. They are ideal for outdoor settings, doors, window frames and the like. Blackwood, Myrtle, and Maple are beautiful timbers primarily suited to interior use.

Often the feature that draws you to a particular piece of timber is actually a fault or weakness in the structure or formation of the tree. Black Hearted Sassafras is a prime example of this with its distinctive dark streaks. They create the striking colour differences and make it an appealing boutique timber. The colour however, is actually caused by a fungal disease. Years ago Sassafras was used to make clothes pegs.

Our aim at The Woodjoint is to work with you to help determine the best timber for the job, whether it be for that unique piece of furniture to complement a space,  the statement front door  that can enhance the appeal and value of your home, or that functional unit for an otherwise awkward space in the office.

Create your own unique wood story with The Woodjoint today.