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Our Philosophy and History

Our philosophy at The Woodjoint is simple. We believe in responsible, sustainable stewardship of the resources this earth provides for us. We endeavour to make items that will last and that can be passed down to your children and grandchildren.

The Woodjoint is proud to use certified timbers fitting with our environmental philosophy.

Maurice grew up in the 1950’s and still remembers as a child stirring the fish glue pot for the workers in his father’s factory and hammering nails at the age of 3. He has worked with timber all his life, including making coffins and doing shipwright and carpentry work on Square rigged sailing ships such as James Craig, Leeuwin, Eye of the Wind and many others.

The Woodjoint's motto is “If It’s Wood, We’ll Build It” and this has been part of our history. We can design and build traditional and modern furniture, doors, staircases and many other projects.

The Woodjoint can also repair and restore your treasured wooden furniture. Maurice has a huge scope of practice and range of experience.
He believes in the old adages and practices them in his business - Make it once, make it right and if it’s worth doing it’s worth doing well.

Experience The Woodjoint's quality philosophy today in your home or business.